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Mission: To provide program management, consulting and training services in support of the National Security of the United States and its Allies, with a special care for those who go in harm's way.
  Character - Doing the right thing every time takes honesty,
  courage and integrity

  Competence - Possessing the required knowledge and
  qualifications and having the experience for real success

  Commitment - Engaging fully in responsibilities to Country,
  Community, and Family

Character, Competence, and Commitment are the governing forces that ensure we provide Real Solutions
with Real Value in
Logistics and System Management, Management Consulting, Human Resources
, and Research and Developement

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 Schedule Holders
Center for Education and
Research in Information Assurance and Security
In partnership
 with US Federal Government
In partnership
with US Federal Government
ISO 9001 : 2008 registered
through under writer laboratory
Enterprise is our choice based on price & quality