ESISST – Electronically Stored Information Smart Search Technology

Where information comes to light

ESISST is an Artificial Intelligence enhanced, powerful, scalable, on demand Software as a Service in AWS Cloud.  It can be used by government and industry with electronically stored information.


Quantum World Information and Simulation Environment (QWISE) is a development approach to a classical-quantum hybrid platform for creating large-scale simulations that can model complex social and environmental systems. The Reference World Information Synthetic Environment (RWISE) platform is the classical system hosting the new quantum computing simulation engine.


InvestLinkAI (ILink) is a cutting-edge investment platform that aims to revolutionize the way investors and startups connect, engage, and collaborate sharing in development. The ILink platform brings together investors, startups, and service providers in a unified ecosystem, facilitating seamless interactions and transactions.

Reference World Services

RWISE is an Agent Based Modeling and Simulation capability that allows for the true complexities in life to be maintained in the simulation, allowing for emergent phenomenon that cannot be factored into the simulation with any other type of tools.