Knowledge Portal RWISE

RWISE captures real-world events in real time by constantly mining semantics from thousands of unstructured data feeds originating from every nation in the world.

RWISE fuses unstructured text and structured data by identifying names, locations, relationships, concepts and activities and merges these semantics with statistics.

At the core of RWISE is a continuously up-to-date, semantic representation of the real world consisting of an ontology of individuals organizations (social, business, military, government, NGOs), information sources (Web services, email servers, newswires, TV stations), infrastructures (community, buildings, factories, offices,  campuses, government sites), geographical areas (communities, cities, municipal regions, provinces, international regions), and events (the IOIIGE ontology).

All data in RWISE is tied to the underlying IOIIGE ontology to parameterize or  provide statistical data on instances of the ontology.

In the RWISE collaborative environment, subject matter experts and  users peer review the data, providing accuracy and usefulness ratings.