• Flexible, fast, affordable customization
  • Ease of use
  • Limitless scalability for “big data” in the cloud or behind the firewall
  • Unified comprehensive open architecture platform, full EDRM
  • Predictable cost containment
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Advance search and retrieval.
  • Online review and collaboration capabilities.
  • Internet Browser accessible allows access virtually anywhere
  • Highly scalable, supports Data redundancy for high availability, and fault tolerance.
  • Highly Extensible though modules, and open APIs
  • Public and private Cloud compatible installations.
  • Custom uploader scalable to millions of users


  • Address changing needs and environment
  • A tool for all skill levels
  • Multiple deployment options. Limitless growth. Less chance of missing data
  • No need to export and import data from multiple systems
  • Deployment across the enterprise is finally affordable
  • State of the art security
  • Lightning fast, greater results reliability
  • Engage all custodians simultaneously
  • Mobility
  • Reliability and performance without the expense and resource allocation
  • Choose from cloud, behind firewall OR hybrid solution for greater flexibility
  • Greater performance, control of security, no limit on file or folder size. Scale to any size organization